Saturday, September 6, 2014

EXCLUSIVE Offer >> Save $700 << Act NOW (Ends 10th Sept!)

It's time to just DO IT; September 11th only days away, and massive savings on offer!

Save $700 on a 1 Year Food Supply + Free 3 Month Food Supply for only $1,495.95
Save $295 on a 6 Month Food Supply + Free 4 Week Food Supply for only $849.95
Save $50 on a 4 Week Food Supply + Free 72 Hour Food Supply for only $195.00

If you've missed the offers above; or just to compare prices see here.

And don't forget any last minute MEDICAL SUPPLIES - also delivered direct to your door!

Seed, Tools, Carts, Sprayers and more at Tractor Supply
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Survival Organic Seeds - SOS: Heritage Seed Survival!

Step 1 WW3 Survival Medical Kit - Make yours NOW!

Medical Supply Depot

Step 2 WW3 Food Security Survival


Cook's Garden

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