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Get your #Garden ready for #Winter #tips

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#SurvivalOrganicSeeds SOS™ advises:

1. Fall is a big tidy-up time in your garden no matter whether it is small or big. It is also an important planning time! You can use this part of the year to prepare your soil for growing.

Whether you have a flower or vegetable garden, you will need to do some tidying up before the winter months arrive. In the vegetable garden, you can pull up plants that have finished bearing produce and get rid of any undesirable weeds. Such waste material - green and dry alike can be thrown into the compost pile in order to decompose over the winter and spring. Check out our quick guide to composting and composters!

However, if you feel lazy, don't remove dead plants from your patch. They will break down over the winter providing compost for your garden. In the spring, simply turn the soil over and they will magically disappear. However, always remove all diseased plants along with insect damaged foliage.
2. The early fall is also an excellent time to prune shrubs and perennials. For more information on pruning, get this brilliant guide leaflet from the Oregon State University.

3. Winterize your garden: see how!

Mulch! Adding a new layer of mulch will help new or fragile plants successfully survive the winter months. It will create a protective layer and will helps to retain moisture. This is especially important if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow and cold weather. You can make your organic mulch yourself - just gather some grass clippings, shredded leaves and, hay, straw or sawdust - or if you have less free DIY-time to spare get it delivered to your doorstep by clicking the image on the right. It will come in a handy packet.
Again, if you live up North, remember to winterize your young trees and shrubs by wrapping them up in burlap or insulating with a thick layers of straw. This is a traditional Northern-European technique and it's eco-friendly! In spring the straw can be reused as composting material.
They look pretty charming, don't they?

Remember, that in some climates you may need to dig up certain plants and move them inside for the winter months.

4. Continue to water your garden and trees until the ground starts to freeze (if the rainfall is not sufficient, of course). After dry summers we have been experiencing recently, even the trees need the extra water to give them the strength to face coming cold.

5. Plant spring flower bulbs - tulips, daffodils and crocus plants. Fall is also a great time to plant garlic and onions. Here you can find some tips on garlic and onion planting!
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6. Take care of your lawn. Rake it well. Raking helps to keep your lawn healthy, improves air circulation and prevent your grass from dying. Besides, the leaves will make excellent mulch for your garden patch. Water and fertilize your grass. If your loan dried out over the summer, skip feeding it and just give it a lot of water instead. Otherwise, fertilize your grass - September is a perfect time to do it. When you fertilize or feed your lawn in the fall, you will give it time to repair the damage that was done from the hot summer. Leave it about 2 1/2 inches long as winter comes. Leaving it too long can cause snow mould which may kill the grass.
Re-seeding your lawn will also help to keep your lawn looking good year after year. To do this, simply choose a good quality grass seed and use a seed spreader. For the best results, fertilize your lawn immediately after seeding.

7. And last but not least, while you are out and about shopping for supplies for your fall clean up, remember that many perennials and shrubs will be discounted.
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